Project:  Concept specialisatie
Klant: (fictief)
Jaar: 2018
Binnen mijn specialisatie Concept Design heb ik een fictieve campagne bedacht voor Met deze campagne moest ik een jonge doelgroep aanspreken en hen ervan overtuigen dat de meest geschikte website is voor het boeken van een vakantie. Onderstaand een korte samenvatting uit mijn case report. Deze specialisatie heb ik in het Engels gevolgd, vandaar dat dit report ook engelstalig geschreven is.


We want to make the target group feel that Booking. com listens to their needs and wishes and provide a perfect accommodation for every individual.

Because the target group has such specific expectations and demands for the things in life, it will be hard to find one that suits perfectly. They get the feeling they’re searching forever to find the perfect stuff. But on it’s not like that. is the solution when it comes to the perfect holiday. They got all kinds of different accommodations to offer and everyone will feel heard by their service. So when you’re searching for a perfect accommodation, is the thing you need. I’ll advice this to the target group.

The concept is based on the ‘use a different context’-theory. In this particular case, personal characteristics are used to describe an accommodation instead of a person. The target group is in a phase of their lives in which they are searching for their perfect match when it comes to love. To be a perfect match, a person has to meet certain qualities, like having a great sense of humour, being tall or just have a large amount of money. Accommodations also have to fulfil curtain qualities to become a perfect match for the booker. distinguishes itself by offering a big amount of unique accommodations, each with their own unique characteristics so you’ll always find your perfect match on there. They show you prove in the executions.

To execute this concept we could use a checklist in which the requirements are shown and checked. The perfect match has been found and is shown on the background. When reading, people will think of a person, but an accomodation, that also fits these requirements, will be shown. (You can find the sketches below).

Toilet ads
After school the target group likes to hang out with friends in bars, clubs, cinemas etc. These places are good for meeting new people or having a date, therefore, I think the executions will fit properly in this setting. I want to display my executions on toilets within these places. The time they spend on the toilet is perfect have a look at the executions.

Public transport posters
Besides the bars and cinemas, the target group can be found around public transport. They get free transport while studying and use this way of transportation a lot. While they’re waiting on the train or buss they have nothing to do, so they can immediately check the website of when they see the ads.

Further more we could use video and social media to strenghten the media I mentioned already.