Project:  Concept specialisatie
Klant: Yarden (fictief)
Jaar: 2018



This campaign has been designed for Yarden, a funeral insurence company that exists for over 100 years now. Their last campaigns were focused on discussing death and make it a less heavy topic in order to create personalised, well fitting funerals for everyone (Yarden, sd).

In 2017, 45% of the Dutch population didn’t know whether their insurence is enough to pay for their funeral when they die (Nibud, 2017). And when we look at people under 35, we see that almost half of them (46%) isn’t insured at all (InFinance, 2017). Yarden already tried to appeal to young people by recording a TV commercial with Ali B, but I think they didn’t use the right medium as this target group watches TV less and less (SVDJ, 2017). Besides the media usage, I think the campaign isn’t really recognizable. Not many people have lost their parents already at that age (< 35). And the ones who did, probably are already more aware of death.

People under 35 years old who have no funeral insecurance yet or don’t know what kind of funeral insurence they have.

I want people under 35 to know that life can be over in a second, so they have to be prepared at all time.

I use an advice strategy, because I already mentioned that 45% of the Dutch population doesn’t really know what they’re doing as it comes to funeral insurence or haven’t even thought of it. In order to change this, we have to help them a bit by advising a good preparation and where they can find it.

For the concept, I use a trend that’s popular among the target group: sharing life events on social media (McGinley, 2016). These events are shared in the form of announcements. I took three different kinds of announcements (wedding, pregnancy, moving) as the base for the posters. Each announcement got a little twist by adding death to them. Death doesn’t come with an announcement, so it’s an unusual situation. The cross symbolizes this topic in a subtle way. Because the target group is known with the trend, they’ll probably identify themselves more with the campaign.

I want to spread this campaign on social media, as this is the place where the target group spends a lot of time on and it’s the place where they normally announce these kinds of life events.